Principia’s spacious St. Louis campus is an incredible 360-acre educational resource for students at all levels. Classrooms are never limited to four walls. Students often move to other spaces, such as the museum, dance studio, or Mac lab, or out of the building to the fields or nearby Lasky Pond. With topics ranging from gardening to surveying, pond life to painting, teachers and students turn the campus into a laboratory, a studio, even a stage at times. Learning can occur anywhere, and at Principia, it does!

Every level has its own learning spaces including classrooms, courts, gyms, labs, studios, sports fields, a pool, and playgrounds. The result is that all students have a special place to call home, while at the same time feeling familiar with every corner of the campus.

And like any school, it’s the people that make the campus a community. Principia is no exception. Size contributes to our strong sense of community, too. Unlike big schools, where a student may be one of hundreds in his or her grade level, Principia students know each other and their teachers well. And of course, our Upper School boarding program allows young Christian Scientists from around the world to form deep friendships and connections that last a lifetime.

“The greatest good we can give our children is the training in right thinking, the establishment of thought in Principle.”