Affordability and Costs

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Katie Schiele

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Yes, you can afford Principia!

At Principia, we work with families from all income levels to ensure that every qualified student can benefit from a Principia education. In fact, 94 percent of all enrolled families receive financial aid grants. (That’s money that doesn’t need to be repaid.)

What are 2017–2018 tuition and fees?
  Upper School
(Grades 9–12)
Middle School
(Grades 6–8)
Lower School
(Preschool–Grade 5)
Annual Tuition* $16,310 $14,220 $6,150 (Preschool-Kindergarten part day)
$9,760 (Preschool-Kindergarten full day)
$10,660 (Kindergarten–5)
Fees $1,090 $890 $350 (Kindergarten–5)
Boarding Program Costs
(room & board)**
$16,790 $16,790 N/A
Total $17,400 (Day)
$34,190 (Boarding)
$15,110 (Day)
$31,900 (Boarding)
$6,150 (Preschool-Kindergarten part day)
$9,760 (Preschool-Kindergarten full day)
$11,010 (Kindergarten–5)

*Lunch/beverage program and bus transport for day students are optional and carry an additional fee. Learn more.
**Travel expenses and personal allowances for boarding students are not included in Principia tuition and fees.
Note: Acorn tuition is not eligible for financial aid.

What will my family pay?

Your financial aid package will be unique, tailored to your family’s situation. Our grants typically cover 80% of tuition and fees. And all we require is a two-page application.

How can Principia provide such generous aid?

Hundreds of alumni and friends believe in our approach to excellence and Christian Science-based character education. Their generous gifts to Principia make it possible for qualified students to attend each year supported by scholarships and need-based aid.

Concerned your family won't qualify for aid?

94 percent of families enrolled at Principia School receive financial aid

Families just like yours attend Principia.

This chart shows the income levels of the 94% of School families who receive aid.

So, what are the next steps?

Say "yes" to Principia—and experience the value of a whole man education.

But you don’t need to figure things out on your own. We’re just an e-mail or phone call away—and ready to help!

Katie Schiele
Assistant Director of Financial Aid