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Principia Upper School offers an accredited, online, high school-level biology course to eligible students.

Our study of biology focuses on the function of life rather than on manifestations of dysfunction or malfunction, which is so often the approach in public, private, and home-school educational courses. While the Principia Upper School curriculum is based on National Science Education Standards, Christian Science underpins all discussions and activities and serves as the basis from which students become scientific thinkers and informed citizens.

The lessons in our yearlong program are ecology-based and use the natural world to explore the how and why of ecosystem dynamics and the diversity of living organisms. This interactive, community-based course encourages deep thinking through regular communication and collaboration among students and with the instructor. The class will be facilitated by our science teacher Lynne Scott (MS, University of Illinois), who has taught online courses at the college level as well.

Instead of the yearlong program, students may take one or more 4–6 week units as a substitute for material from which they wish to be exempt at their local school. The content is determined individually, based on requirements. While these units are individualized, the curriculum remains interactive and applied.

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