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Study science through a different lens! Principia Upper School is delighted to offer an accredited, online, high school-level biology course to eligible students. The content is available via several options, ranging from a full-year, one-credit course to a stand-alone unit of study. 

At Principia, the study of life (biology) is an exploration of how living organisms function.  Our approach highlights the function of life rather than dysfunction that is so often the focus of public, private, and home-school courses. All lessons are ecology based, using the natural world to explore ecosystem dynamics, cellular structure and function, genetics and evolution, and the diversity of living organisms. While our curriculum is based on National Science Education Standards, Christian Science underpins all discussions and activities and serves as the basis from which students become scientific thinkers and informed citizens.

The Principia Upper School online biology course is an interactive, community-based, entirely online lab course. The class will be facilitated by our science teacher Lynne Scott (MS, University of Illinois), who has successfully delivered online courses at the college level.

In the yearlong course, students collaborate virtually with other Christian Scientists to complete projects that promote problem solving through scientific inquiry. Hands-on labs and discussions serve as methods by which students can experience and clarify concepts. 

In the 4-6 week stand-alone units, students complete specific topics at the time their current biology course is covering material from which they wish to be exempt. While the unit content is more individualized, because of its one-on-one nature, the curriculum remains interactive and applied.

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“I appreciate Principia offering this class to Christian Science high schoolers looking for an alternative to the standard public school approach.

I was pleased with the level of instruction and the interactions [my daughter] had with Lynne as well as the other students in the class.”