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Principia’s Early Childhood Program helps young children—and their parents—take those important first steps on the road to lifelong learning and growth. 

We function as a community, supporting the “unfolding of individual capabilities” in our children and sharing ideas, inspiration, and practical tips among our parents and educators. 

Our Early Childhood offerings include:

  • the Early Learning Center during the School year for infants from six weeks old through three years
  • the Acorn Toddler program—on-campus and online for parents and their children up to three years of age. 

Our programs provide rich learning opportunities that balance adult-directed and child-centered activities. Teachers partner with parents to understand each child’s needs and help overcome anything that would stand in the way of the development of his or her infinite capabilities. With a spiritual approach to character education, parents and teachers together help children grow in confidence, responsibility, and selflessness.