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New interests, wider circles of friendship, greater independence of thought and action . . . the middle school years bring multiple opportunities for students to spread their wings and expand their horizons.

Our team of teachers and coaches supports every child, every step of the way, throughout the three-year Principia Middle School journey. Together, we work hard to master skills, transcend limits, and fully experience education inside and outside the classroom. And, in the process—whether it’s collecting data outdoors, conducting experiments indoors, building models, presenting research, creating art, performing, or engaging with our community and with each other—we have a good deal of fun, too!

How does the Principia Middle School experience help students prepare for high school?

·       Through an integrated studies approach, which emphasizes authentic problem solving and deep investigation in all areas of the curriculum

·       By establishing a core foundation in language arts, mathematics, history, and science

·       By making available a choice of electives that ignite new interests or expand existing ones

·       Via classes that emphasize critical thinking and effective communication

·       By integrating experiential field trips, community outreach, and extended travel into the curriculum

·       Through participation in advisory group sessions with peers and mentors

·       With social activities that are engaging and inclusive

·       And, most of all, by supporting the individual unfoldment of character from a spiritual basis  

Boarding in Middle School

Our Middle School Girls’ and Boys’ Dorms are small, with an inclusive, family atmosphere where every member is cherished, loved, and valued. 


Experiential Learning

There’s nothing quite like firsthand experience to help grasp and strengthen knowledge. Through a variety of in-class, out-of-class, and off-campus opportunities, students regularly explore and engage with art, science, history, and culture.