Principia Middle School

In the middle grade years (6th through 8th grade), young learners discover diverse individual interests and learn how to make informed choices and decisions. It is a time to figure out roles and relationships in a widening circle of friends and teammates. It is also an opportunity to spread one’s wings and try out independent thought and action, within a context of supportive adult supervision. 

At Principia Middle School, spiritual growth is the means by which we expect girls and boys to grow and mature in character, intellect, athletic skill, and social competence. We are committed to helping students master new skills, meet challenges enthusiastically, and expand their horizons. Our teachers, who also serve as coaches, advisors, and mentors, are here to support students as they emerge into greater autonomy and self-expression.

Small classes emphasize twenty-first century communication and learning-by-doing skills in addition to the subject matter. Outside the classroom, but integrally connected to in-class learning, regular field trips and community outreach get our  middle schoolers investigating and engaging with the world beyond their immediate interests or concerns. Social activities such as dances, etiquette dinners, and picnics enhance relationships with peers and adults, promote planning skills, and expand the ability to socialize and empathize with others.

Our aim is for Middle School students to become fully engaged learners, assume greater responsibility, and eagerly contribute towards their own and others’ progress. Equipping them with a firm grasp of fundamental concepts and the confidence to learn and apply their learning independently is vital to success—theirs and ours.

“Principia Middle School is a hub of rich activity where incredible friendships are forged at every turn—in the classrooms with peers and teachers and on the fields/courts with team members and coaches. These relationships between fellow Christian Scientists are impactful and life changing. There is a wonderful sense of unity that is almost tangible.”

“I like the environment at the Middle School. And the teachers are great—they’re always supportive.”