Moved to Move

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Every year, we welcome families who relocate to the St. Louis area so their children can attend Principia School.

The prospect of transitioning to a new school, a new job, a new life hundreds or thousands of miles away can seem daunting. But when Principia is the right idea, the process often unfolds in wonderful and unexpected ways. The four families you will meet here can attest to this. 

Now settled in the community, these families—with children spanning pre-school through college—appreciate Principia's well-rounded, spiritually based education.

Get to know these families below and listen to their stories, or download the full audio.

The Veidelis Family

When Cody enrolled as a boarder his junior year, the Veidelis family experienced firsthand the benefits of Principia’s supportive academic and spiritual environment. Within a year, younger brother Denny was ready for a progressive educational experience—and Principia Middle School was the unanimous choice.

The Krueger Family

Grace and Jordan Krueger did not attend Principia themselves, but they wanted to establish their growing family in a Christian Science community. After visiting Principia, impressed by the educational opportunities and family-like atmosphere, they moved across the country to St. Louis. 

The Needham Family

Though very satisfied with the independent elementary school their young sons attended, the Needhams wondered what the boys would do for high school. After a visit to Principia, they decided to enroll their sons as soon as possible.

The Grow Family

Glenn and Shawn Grow describe their cross-continental move to Principia as “seamless” for their four children, who love interacting with other Christian Scientists their age in and outside the classroom. 

Want to Hear More?

Hear other families share inspiring accounts of real estate issues resolved, career opportunities discovered, and educational experiences transformed as they were moved to move to Principia.

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