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Upper schoolers are a diverse bunch. Some of us like sports. Some of us like music. Some of us like Disney movies. Some of us like all of the above—and more!

We're a close community and enjoy doing things together, but we also have our own interests, follow our own dreams, and pursue our individual passions. All the different student clubs let you zero in on what you love . . . or try something entirely new. And if you don’t find a club you’re interested in, you can always start a new one. Find a friend to help—or start it solo.

Most weekday evenings, after extra-curricular activities, we just chill for a while—hanging out in the Dining Room or on the courts outside the dorm—before doing homework. Weekends can be super active or quiet and laid back—it’s your choice.

And there’s always plenty to choose from—a Friday evening dance, a Saturday evening concert, a Saturday home or away game, trips to the mall or the movies, an overnighter to Johnson's Shut-Ins, or playing Capture the Flag by moonlight . . .

It doesn’t matter whether you like to dress up, dress down, stay in, or go out . . . you’ll have plenty of friends to join you at Upper School! And one of the best parts? We know we don’t need drugs, alcohol, or other stimulants to have a good time. We have a great time without these, supporting one another’s growth and just enjoying life! 


So, what's it like here?

Busy. Friendly. Fun. Inclusive. Inspiring. You’re surrounded by friends who are there for you—and adults who care. 

Join the club!

Yes, but which club? Well . . . that depends on what you’re interested in. We have about 15 student clubs on campus—and there’s always room for you and your buddies to start a new one!

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