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Principia School

Christian Science

Spiritual Growth

Spend even a few hours on campus and you’ll sense the Principia difference—in the creativity that blossoms in every classroom, in the friendly, inclusive attitudes of our students, in the sportsmanship on the athletic fields, even in the absence of locks on student lockers …

This palpable difference stems from our purpose—“to serve the Cause of Christian Science.” All of us—students, faculty, and staff—strive to follow and apply a principled and spiritual approach to everything we do. Essential to that effort are the teachings of Christian Science, which impel and enable us to uphold our students’ innate, unlimited perfection and potential—every day, in every activity.

Our Spiritually Rooted Commitments to Every Family

  • In our daily interactions with students (and adults), we follow the Biblical injunction to “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright …” (Psalms 37:37).
  • We refuse “to accept as final any belief of limitation … ”* Imagine the possibilities this unleashes for your child!
  • We’re dedicated to helping children grow into clear, vigorous, fearless, tolerant, and unselfish thinkers—and doers.*
  • We believe true education involves building character and using skills for the betterment of humanity, so we put these principles into practice throughout the School community.*

*These commitments come directly from Principia’s governing policies, outlined in Education at The Principia, a collection of talks, letters, and other communications from Principia's founder, Mary Kimball Morgan.

Christian Science on Campus

Principia is not affiliated with the Christian Science Church, and Christian Science is not expressly taught. But it is our bedrock, and we are dedicated to helping students become effective spiritual thinkers and healers.

Boarding students regularly attend a Christian Science Sunday School. Our faculty, staff, and coaches encourage all students to pray and to practice applying spiritual laws in their daily activities. And our standards of behavior call for honesty, purity, and selflessness in all situations.

Christian Science nursing care is available on campus. Learn more.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

Metaphysical Theme

Character Education

We expect, enable, and celebrate the unfolding of character in all our students.

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Inspiration That’s Timeless and Timely

Education at The Principia is a rich source of inspiration in our work.

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