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Principia School

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Principia School?

Principia School is a student-centered, future-focused coeducational day and boarding school serving children from infancy through grade 12. Creativity, critical thinking, and character growth are at the core of our program, which is grounded in Christian Science values. Principia is a private philanthropy and not an official activity of the Christian Science Church (Principia Policy 1).

What is Christian Science?

Christian Science is a Christian denomination based on the Bible. The life and teachings of Christ Jesus are central to Christian Science, which teaches, as Jesus did, that regeneration from sin and the healing of sickness occur naturally as we better understand our relationship to divine Love, finding our true nature to be spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God. (source:

For more information on Christian Science and the Christian Science Church, please check out these links:

Is Christian Science the same as Scientology?

No. Christian Science is a Christian denomination based on the Bible, founded in the 19th century. Scientology is based on the written and spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard, not on the Bible, and was started in the 20th century.

Do I need to be a Christian Scientist, convert to Christian Science, or have a religious affiliation to attend Principia?

Principia welcomes all those who value our spiritually grounded educational program—whether or not families come from a Christian Science background.

We are looking for students who are excited to learn, who give selflessly, and who are ready to lean into their education. We are looking for families who are eager to develop their children’s desire “to think clearly, vigorously, fearlessly, tolerantly, unselfishly” (Principia Policy 6) and who intentionally support their children’s academic and spiritual development at home.

Does Principia teach religion? What exposure do students have to Christian Science during the academic day?

Although the core values of Christian Science drive our philosophy and outlook, Christian Science is not taught in the classroom. Each week, students are expected to attend Monday morning chapel—a 10- or 20-minute talk designed to uplift and inspire, often with a message based on Christian principles. Additionally, in Lower School through Upper School, students are required to take a Bible class.

The boarding program has more expectations about participation in Christian Science activities (such as church attendance). See the Boarding pages for more information. 

What if my student has a medical need?

Principia embraces individual and family decisions regarding healthcare. We feel everyone should choose for themselves and their families the kind of healthcare that meets their needs. We support an individual’s choice in determining their method of healing.

Is it true that “Christian Scientists do not believe in doctors”?

Christian Scientists do believe in doctors. By practicing Christian Science and relying on God for healing, many have lived healthy lives free of drugs and other systems of physical care. However, we believe everyone can choose for themselves and their families the kind of healthcare that meets their needs. Like most individuals, many at Principia have wonderful personal and professional relationships with physicians.

Does Principia require students to be immunized?

Principia School respects every family’s right to choose whether or not to immunize their children. We abide by all local and state laws governing schools. As required under the Missouri State immunization law, we require either proof of a current immunization record that meets state requirements or a completed Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Religious Immunization Exemption form. 

What student health care is provided for Principia students?

Student health care support is provided by the Director of Student Health Care, a full-time Christian Science nurse, school counselors, and an athletic trainer. This care is available to all students attending Principia, and our new telehealth offering is available to all boarding students. The Christian Science nurse is on duty from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day and cares for students in ways that are practical, compassionate, and in accord with the Church Manual by-law for a Christian Science nurse. The Christian Science nurse responds to all calls within the academic building as well as admits student to Campus House, our campus care facility, and visits boarding students who are not able to attend school. Our Christian Science nurse will respond to all emergency calls on campus and provide initial care as appropriate for students, faculty, and visitors. 

For those students seeking care outside the scope of Christian Science nursing, our Director of Student Health Care will partner with parents and the Residential Life Department to assist those students or find and appropriate avenue for care. Principia partners with healthcare professionals in our area to assure proper support.