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Adulting, Principia-Style: Upper Schoolers Dive Into Experiential Education Week

Experiential Education Week, or EE Week, is an opportunity for Upper Schoolers to put their learning into practice, providing real-world context for their daily classwork. “The more we can give our kids real world experiences and let them interact with the real world, [the more] we build strong academics,” explains Upper School Principal Samantha Dry. “It's about developing the skills of the child so that they can engage with academics in a stronger way.”

Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Upper School sports teams made strong showings at competitions this fall. 

Principia Students Embark On A Journey Toward Equality

At Principia, field trips are not uncommon, but this one was special. In October, Principia middle schoolers and 18 upper schoolers embarked on an eye-opening journey to Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Upper School Reunion: Together Again!

This fall’s Upper School Reunion brought more than 300 alumni and guests to campus for a memorable celebration spanning the generations.

Principia Partners with Saint Louis Zoo in Turtle Conservation Effort

Principia School is embarking on its seventh year as a partner in the St. Louis Box Turtle Project, a study dedicated to the conservation and health of the three-toed box turtle. Principia’s role is to track the movement of the native species in a suburban environment, using the School’s 360-acre campus as a testing ground. While Principia’s part in the study may seem small, the data plays a big role in the Zoo’s turtle conservation program, and Principia students have had a direct hand in the process.

Upper School Expedition

Week-long character trips take students to unique destinations to build essential life skills 

St. Louis, MO—Each year, Principia Upper School students embark on a week of outdoor expeditions designed to foster teamwork and collaboration skills while cultivating confident leaders.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participate in activities such as canoeing, sailing, or touring new cities. Seniors travel to Michigan for their annual Senior Retreat to build outdoor and wilderness skills while bonding as a class and learning what it means to be an effective leader. The trips provide students with impactful experiences and profound lessons that reinforce Principia School’s character education program. 

Upper School Graduation Proves Grads Are “More Than Enough”

On May 21, Principia Upper School students, parents, faculty and staff, and community members gathered to honor the class of 2023. The event celebrated the accomplishments of the 36 graduating seniors, highlighted their diverse backgrounds, and expressed gratitude for  the faculty members who played a monumental role in their education. 

BioBlitz Explores a World of Wonder

True to its title, the weekend was abuzz with activity. Students and community members identified and cataloged the range of animal and plant species around campus, tracked turtles, observed planets through telescopes, spoke to experts from the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Saint Louis Zoo, and more. “The excitement is there,” says Scott. “[BioBlitz] is building that interest, wonderment, and curiosity for the outdoors.”