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Upper School Spanish Students Test Their Knowledge Abroad

It may sound surprising that a group of teenagers opted to spend their spring break in school, but practicing your Spanish skills at the Maravillas International Program in Málaga, Spain, isn’t such a bad gig. The 10-day trip was an exercise in full immersion—in both language and culture—and Principia’s students were up for the challenge.

“Be Our Guest” puts Principia Middle School students to the test

Principia Middle School students had one goal their first week back this January: create an excellent production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. in five days. While this feat may sound impossible, it’s nothing new to middle schoolers and staff embarking on their fifth annual Theatre Week.

Climbing in Understanding: A Transformative Trip to Israel

Principia upper schoolers had  the opportunity of a lifetime exploring  Israel’s biblical landmarks for 15 days. Upper School Bible teacher Evan MacDonald (Emac) led the pilgrimage, elucidating several historical and religious sites, including Mount Nepo in Jordan, Petra (one of the seven wonders of the world), Galilee by boat, Mount Humon, the Old City of Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.

Middle School Students Delve into World Religions

At the beginning of the year, Principia eighth graders embarked on an expansive journey, learning about the five major world religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

Bill Simon Field House Grand Opening

You might say it was a night to remember; but for the nearly 800 people in attendance, it was more like a night of remembering. On January 28, Principia families, alumni, and community members gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the new Bill Simon Field House on the Principia School campus.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Chinatown

On a recent Sunday night, nine Principia Upper School students celebrated the Lunar New Year in a private karaoke room in New York City’s Chinatown district, belting out tunes in Mandarin Chinese. The students of Chinese 3 and 4 classes traveled to New York for a whirlwind trip, immersing themselves in cultural activities, visiting museums, and, of course, breaking out their Chinese language skills.

Meet the Principia Changemakers

Travel has always been a powerful teaching tool at Principia. Service trips, in particular, can have a lasting impact on students. After the sophomore trip to the Dominican Republic, for example, upper schoolers reflect on their week of service to the residents of the island and how they—even as high school students—can make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.

“Arguing with Kindness”: Mediation at the Upper School

This fall, the Upper School Mediation team logged into Zoom to participate in the third annual National High School Mediation Tournament, which Principia pioneered and has hosted since its inception. The tournament represents the culmination of months of preparation, as students take turns acting as advocate, client, and mediator in the hopes of effectively arguing their case, resolving conflict in their favor, and acting as peacemakers.

Principia Wins State Award for Sustainability

Principia School’s sustainability efforts continue to gain widespread recognition. The School is one of six in the state to achieve Seedling Level in 2022, awarded by Missouri Green Schools.