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Principia School
Cum Laude Ceremony Recognizes Dedication and Academic Record of Inductees

The Class of 2022 Cum Laude Inductees were recognized during a special ceremony at the close of the school year. After awarding Cum Laude Society membership to five graduates with exceptional academic records—Anna, Peyton, Joli, Naomi, and Holly—all were invited to listen to inspiring messages from an inductee and a guest speaker who touched on themes of perseverance and pursuing passions.

The inductees chose Cum Laude member Peyton to deliver comments to the Class of 2022 and the Upper School student body, sharing how she overcame the fear of failure throughout her tennis journey.

As her tennis game developed, Peyton’s coaches pushed her to take risks and play more offensively. Though the strategy was outside her comfort zone and challenging at first, it sparked growth. “Mistakes littered my playing,” says Peyton, “but so did genuine joy for the first time in a long time, and I began to see the beauty in the game again.” Eventually, the new strategy helped her become a better tennis player and taught her an important lesson—the value of embracing mistakes and redefining perfection and failure—a message she hopes her classmates will take with them as they face new challenges and experiences post-graduation.

The Upper School student body also heard from guest speaker and alum Jenna Marston. Since graduating from the Upper School in 2009 as a 12-time letter earner and Cum Laude inductee, Marston was USA Baseball’s SportsWoman of the Year in 2010 and was a member of the gold medal-winning 2015 USA Baseball Women’s National Team at the Pan America Games in Canada. She now works at EaglePicher making special batteries for missiles and rockets.

Marston, who recently earned her pilot’s license, spoke to dedicating oneself to one’s passions and not being swayed by discouragement. She also noted the impressive record already achieved by students and encouraged each to build on this foundation. “Keep learning, keep trying new things, and most of all, be excited for what’s to come,” says Marston. “You’ve proven you already know how to be successful, so … build on the habits that got you here and soak in the amazing experiences that are yet to come.” 

Congratulations to this year’s Cum Laude Inductees!