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Principia School
Learning On Display in Lower School


Can you summarize a semester of learning in a single hour? Leave it to Lower School teachers—already accustomed to doing the impossible—to try.

This spring’s Showcase of Learning provided parents a window into the Lower School world as students seized opportunities to show off their artwork, writing projects, Bible study, and even feats of skill and coordination gained during P.E. 

Jessica Hervey’s (C'98) second graders shared their research on Indigenous People, told a Native American legend, and displayed their handcrafted pinch pots. First graders in Rissa (Harlow) Arens’s (US‘91, C’95) class demonstrated their scientific understanding of light and sound by creating shadow shapes and manipulating a tuning fork. And students in Audrey (Smith) Cleveland’s (US'05, C'09) fourth-grade class presented nonfiction books they researched and authored about Revolutionary War figures and illustrated with elaborate maps of early American-style settlements.

Amanda Hoskins, mother of two lower schoolers and one middle schooler raved, “The Showcase of Learning was a wonderful way to connect with my children, offering a glimpse into their day-to-day learning. The opportunity to participate with my children’s learning, in an experiential, tangible way is priceless.” 

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