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Principia School
Pony Riding at Principia Preschool: Learning Takes the Reins

Pony riding at Principia is a cherished tradition dating back to the 1960s, and today, Honey the Pony proudly continues this legacy, offering an enriching educational experience for Principia’s youngest learners. Recently, the Preschool 3 class embarked on an adventurous field trip to Rollins Ranch in Washington, MO, guided by Jane Harrison (US’78, C’82), an alum and retired Principia Physical Education Teacher and Coach.

Harrison welcomed the students with enthusiasm, setting up stations around the ranch for an immersive learning experience about caring for and riding horses. As the children explored, they learned how to climb onto a western saddle, care for horses' hooves, and enjoyed riding around the arena. The field trip to Rollins Ranch became a vibrant blend of educational exploration and pure joy for the students.

Under the expert guidance of Stephanie Alioto (US’99), the Pony Riding Program goes beyond a joyful experience; it serves as an educational adventure fostering a profound connection between students and the animal kingdom. Through hands-on activities like brushing, mounting, and dismounting, students not only enhance their motor skills but also develop a sense of responsibility and care for their four-legged friends. The program imparts essential equestrian skills, and under Stephanie's tutelage, students gain valuable life lessons, building confidence and responsibility that extend far beyond the arena.