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Student Health Care

Student health care support is provided by the Director of Student Health Care and a team of Christian Science (CS) nurses. This care is available to all students attending Principia. The Christian Science nurses are on duty 24/7 and care for students in ways that are practical, compassionate, and in accord with the Church Manual by-law for Christian Science nurses. This does not include assisting with medication or making a diagnosis. From 8 a.m.–10 p.m., the Christian Science nurses respond to all calls within the academic building as well as admit students to Campus House, our campus care facility, visit boarding students who have not attended school, and are present at most athletic events. Our Christian Science nurses will respond to all emergency calls on campus and provide initial care as appropriate for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Director of Student Health Care

For those students seeking care outside the scope of Christian Science nursing, our director of student health care will partner with parents and residential counselors to find an appropriate avenue. Principia partners with health-care professionals in our area to assure proper support.

Campus House

Campus House is the student care facility located on the School campus. The purpose of Campus House is to support the boarding program during the academic day, evenings, and weekends. Campus House provides inpatient and outpatient care from Christian Science nurses and is a quiet place for rest and study. 

Contacting the Student Health Care Team

Dial 314.275.3590 to reach the Christian Science nurse on duty (ext. 3590 on campus). Please reserve the hours of 10 p.m.–8 a.m. for emergencies only.

Director of Student Health Care

Tiffany Green: 314.275.3594 or