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Values and Conduct

All members of the Principia School community are expected to actively support and live our core values. We believe our commitment to these values strengthens the individual and unifies the community. We value Excellence, Character, Diversity, and Love.

EXCELLENCE: Commit to continuous improvement by striving to be one's best self. Foster a culture of scholarship and wonder—explore new and innovative ideas, technology, and methods in a student-centered environment. Develop critical thinking and active inquiry skills, learning to transfer and apply knowledge.

CHARACTER: Seek and encourage the limitless potential in one’s self and others as a reflection of God. Nurture individual character unfoldment and growth through ethical decision making, reason, leadership, courage, and thinking, and conducting one’s self with high (moral) standards.

DIVERSITY: Create an inclusive and equitable community that seeks the value in every individual's unique perspective, experience, knowledge, and culture. Promote an understanding of the wider world and actively improve it while serving selflessly, living sustainably, developing principled character, and deepening global understanding.  

LOVE: Magnify the good by thinking and acting from the basis of kindness, joy, respect, and loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. Appreciate and support each individual's own faith practice and spiritual growth.

Conduct Expectations

I understand there are behaviors that contradict our community values and could be grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal.* Such behaviors include, but are not limited to disrespectful behavior, inappropriate language, dishonesty, theft, hateful actions, bullying, hazing, sexual activity, use of pornography; and the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, vaping products or the use of any substance in a way that abuses its natural purpose.

*Respectful and compassionate conversations are at the center of every corrective intervention.  While there are situations and instances where short- or long-term suspension and/or removal from the community is appropriate, the goal is ongoing growth and healing.