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College Planning Guide

College Readiness

Principia's College Counseling Philosophy

With the strong and diverse selection of colleges and universities available to them, every one of our students can find the right college fit. This concept of “best fit” is the essence of our college-counseling philosophy.  

Through our meetings with students and the research we encourage them to do, our students focus on their strengths and interests to find colleges that meet their needs and goals. To find the programs and locations that fit them best, we believe that each student needs to be fully engaged with the process. We will support and guide all along the way.

Our counseling curriculum supports the idea of college attendance for all students and includes specific college and career counseling for each year of high school. While we are always open to talking to families about the college application process, we really focus in during junior year by holding meetings with our students and parents to explain the search process, the services we provide, and the expectations we have. During the fall of senior year, we are available to help with all aspects of the college application. We will provide direction and help students pace themselves during this journey, but we expect them to be in the driver’s seat.

The college search and application process is one of self-discovery, excitement, and eager anticipation. Society will try to tell us that it is also a time of confusion and anxiety. We encourage our students to apply their spiritual understanding and trust to every part of this journey. Parents’ prayerful support is also key to connecting with their children and contributing to the process.

We look forward to working with students and parents and to supporting this exciting transition to college. Please feel free to be in touch with us at any time.

Meet the School Counseling Team

Kelly Brown

Director of School Counseling
9th–12th Grades (Last Names A–L)
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Erin Selover

School Counselor
9th–12th Grades (Last Names M–Z)
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