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Principia School

How We Learn

How We Learn

Principians embrace challenge, uncover potential, and put knowledge and understanding into practice every day. Students thrive within this robust, integrated approach to learning, applying their literacy, numeracy, scientific and artistic skills to a range of hands-on projects. Such experiential learning develops—and demands—essential skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and innovation.

Experiential Learning

Educational Travel

From the historical settlement of Jamestown to the whitewater rivers of Idaho and the rainforests of Costa Rica . . . Principia students grow in understanding, character, and global awareness.

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Teaching for Tomorrow

Every day, we rise to the challenge of teaching for the future—a future in which many of our students' potential careers do not yet exist. By helping students develop a creative, collaborative, problem-solving mindset, we prepare them for the work of the future—not just the careers of the past.

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