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Principia School

How We Teach

We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to prepare our students for tomorrow.

Since its founding in 1898, Principia has developed vigorous, ethical thinkers, who are ready to apply their education for the betterment of humanity. Today, more than 120 years later, this vision is more relevant than ever as we move into a 21st-century world in need of principled problem solvers.

Purpose-Driven, Student-Centered, Hands-On

Our student-centered culture develops active, agile learners who can adapt and apply their knowledge and understanding to a range of real-world issues. Experiential learning opportunities drive self-directed discovery and inquiry built on the iterative principles of design thinking.

Instead of simply working in subject-area silos, our faculty collaborates across disciplines to provide an integrated curriculum wherever possible—one that emphasizes additional learning opportunities such as global citizenship, responsible use of digital technology, and artistic skill and expression.

Of course, faculty development and support are critical to ensuring student excellence. Principia teachers are dedicated to continuous improvement—keeping abreast of educational advancements and collaborating on new approaches to prepare students for success in a world of yet unknown opportunities and challenges. In fact, our teachers spend over 200 hours each year in continuing professional development and regularly speak at national conferences.

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Pillars of Principia's Educational Approach

From preschool through senior year, Principia educators craft appropriate, flexible, and relevant learning experiences built on three elements:


The dynamic Understanding by Design curricular framework, which focuses on developing and deepening students' ability to apply knowledge and skills to a variety of contexts


Principia's foundational mandate to "keep abreast of educational progress and in key with changing world conditions"
(Principia Policy 11)


Continuous, targeted professional development—both in-house and external, with peers and with experts, locally and nationally—that infuses our classrooms with fresh ideas and inspiration