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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Students thrive with our robust, experiential approach to learning. Every day, they put their understanding into practice in a variety of hands-on, cross-disciplinary projects. Guided by their own curiosity and by caring faculty, students rise to academic challenges, demonstrating creativity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial approaches.

Lower School

While diving into literacy, math, science, social studies, and art, Principia’s younger students strengthen their problem-solving skills. They create and produce books and videos, engage in historical simulations, code and program robots, solve real-world math problems, and spend lots of time learning outdoors. Frequent field trips and service activities help them feel part of the broader community.

Middle School

Students drive their own discovery and creativity within an integrated curriculum focused on challenge, choice, and relevance. Going far beyond book learning to authentic engagement, they apply a problem-solving mindset to craft solutions to local and global issues. In the process, they enhance their communication, collaboration, and digital skills. And they expand their understanding of art, politics, science, and society on weeklong class trips.

Upper School

Learning purposefully and harnessing the power of the digital revolution, our upper schoolers prepare for a future of continuing change and globalization. Applying the lenses of design thinking, leadership, service, and sustainability, they delve into our college prep program in meaningful ways. Whether cultivating a permaculture orchard, scripting and filming a 15-minute documentary, or setting up and running their own businesses, Upper School students are honing essential, transferable skills—analysis, organization, teamwork, and independence.