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Principia School

Lower School (K–5)

A strong and happy start paves the way for lifelong learning, developing new skills, and making discoveries. In a nurturing and cheerful environment, Lower School children learn from caring teachers, from nature, and from each other.

Defining Elements of Principia Lower School


Experiential Learning

Your child’s curiosity drives learning. Experiential opportunities help them learn by doing and create deeper connections with curriculum. 



Academic Excellence

Every day, students delve into literacy activities and mathematics, applying these skills to science, social studies, foreign language, and the arts.


Cultivating Character

In Lower School, students learn to be proactive listeners, leaders, and learners. Our approach to character unfoldment brings out the best in each child.


Explore Our Programs

From kindergarten through fifth grade, our students are active learners—developing academic, social, and leadership skills. Each day, students focus on the core subjects of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. They also have regular sessions in Spanish, physical education, art, Bible literacy, and music—as well as spending time working in the IDEA Lab.

An integrated, hands-on approach across the subject areas encourages students to explore, experiment, and solve problems using logic and critical thinking. At the heart of all Lower School learning is high expectations for each student, spiritually-based character education, and a commitment to differentiating the curriculum so that every child is engaged.


For more information about our Lower School Program, please contact Ginger Roth at 314.514.3188 or email.

Lower School Parents Say...

Lower School Parent

We are enriched daily by Principia—the learning, the caring, strong sense of community, and spiritual well-being that Principia fosters.

Lower School Parent

We've observed firsthand how Lower School teachers celebrate the strengths of children and we love that this campus allows for exploration and freedom.

Our Extended Day and Summer Programs