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Principia School

Academic Excellence


Lower School Academic Excellence

For more than a century, Principia School has dedicated itself to equipping students to think fearlessly, live selflessly, and learn purposefully. Creativity, opportunity, and excellence are the hallmarks of our college- and life-preparatory program, which builds on the well-respected Understanding by Design (UbD) curricular framework.

The “Whole Child” Concept

Based on our Christian Science values, we believe that every child has what it takes to excel. Our goal is to develop the “whole child” which includes nurturing each child spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially, and physically. We help students realize their potential through numerous opportunities that focus on experiential learning, authentic experiences, and future-ready skill development. 

Academic Excellence

Purpose-Driven, Student-Centered, and Hands-On

Our student-centered culture grows active, agile learners who can adapt and apply their knowledge and understanding to a range of real-world issues. Experiential learning opportunities drive self-directed discovery and inquiry based on the principles of design thinking.

Our approach to academics is a balance between rigorous core academics and a variety of enrichment classes including physical education, art, music, band, Bible exploration, Spanish, STEM, and library. 

Project-based learning harnesses student innovation and curiosity, fostering a critical-thinking and problem-solving mindset. Purposeful testing ensures mastery and understanding of subject matter, and testing data is used to help inform our teaching.

Academic Excellence