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You are beginning an exciting journey to find the right educational fit for your child and family—a school that aligns with your family's values and supports the educational and character development goals you hope to achieve by the time your child graduates from high school.

Our Core Values

All members of the Principia School community are encouraged to actively support and live our core values. We believe our commitment to these values strengthens the individual and unifies the community. 

We value Excellence, Character, Diversity, and Love.

EXCELLENCE: Commit to excellence and continuous improvement by striving to be one’s best self. Foster a culture of scholarship and wonder, explore new ideas, and develop critical thinking skills.

CHARACTER: Seek and encourage God’s limitless potential in one’s self and others. Nurture individual character unfoldment and growth through ethical decision making, leadership, and conducting one’s self with high standards.

DIVERSITY: Create an inclusive and equitable community that values every individual. Promote a deeper understanding of the wider world and actively improve it.

LOVE: Magnify the good by thinking and acting from the basis of kindness, joy, respect, and loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. Appreciate and support each individual's own faith practice and spiritual growth.

At Principia, as the name indicates, the purpose is to base all work in Principle, thus laying a solid foundation scholastically, morally, and spiritually.

Education at The Principia, p. 160

Admissions Process

Parent to Parent

We are daily enriched by Principia—the learning, the caring, strong sense of community, generosity of financial aid, and spiritual well-being that Principia fosters.

The teachers really work to foster problem solving, team work, and critical thinking skills which prepare them for a future as a part of a global economy.

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Meeting our teachers and students in person and seeing our 360-acre campus in action is the best way to experience Principia School. 

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Tuition Assistance

We are committed to making a Principia education affordable.

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Views of Principia School

Guided by their own curiosity and by caring faculty and staff members, students rise to academic challenges, demonstrating creativity, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial approaches.

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We look forward to our journey together and sharing our stories of how Principia School is changing lives!

Adriane Fredrikson

Director of Enrollment Management

Jordan Poznick

Sr. Associate Director of Admissions Upper School

Caroline Boucher

Associate Director of Admissions Middle School

Ginger Roth

Associate Director of Admissions Early Childhood-Lower School

Krista Capp

Director of Financial Aid

Cecilia Macklin

Associate Director of Systems and Data

Alison Rea

Office Manager