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Principia School

Christian Science Commitment (CSC) Scholarship

The CSC Scholarship is offered to a select number of new domestic Middle and Upper School day and boarding students who have shown a commitment to Christian Science and contributed positively to the movement through participation in Christian Science-based camps, activities, or programs.

The scholarship covers up to 90% of tuition. 

Should there be a need, applications for additional financial assistance can be made through Financial Aid.


First-time Upper and Middle School Christian Science students currently residing in the United States or Canada. The award focuses on three key areas: the study and practice of Christian Science, evidence of the love of God, and commitment to spiritual growth and healing.

Applicants must have demonstrated a love for Christian Science through attendance at one or more of the Christian Science summer camps, participated in National Leadership Council, Compass, participated regularly in Discovery Bound events, are members of their local branch church or published in the Christian Science periodicals.

Applicants must complete an independent visit prior to admission and meet admission requirements. Please be in touch with our Admission office to schedule one. 

Make a Nomination

Selection Process

If there is a student you'd like to nominate for this scholarship, please be in touch with one of our Associate Directors of Admissions: Jordan Poznick (Upper School) or Caroline Boucher (Middle School.) Self-nomination letters or nominations are to be made by Camp Directors, Program Leaders, Counselors, Sunday School teachers, Christian Science practitioners, or branch church members.

Renewal Criteria

In order to maintain the scholarship in subsequent years, each recipient will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • participation in church and Sunday school.
  • ongoing participation in extra-curricular Christian Science-based activities and programs (Christian Science Camp, NLC, Discovery Bound, Compass, etc)
  • on-campus support and sharing of a genuine love of Christian Science through peer-to-peer and community sharing.
  • Adherence to student conduct expectations as outlined in the application commitment.