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Principia School

Joyful Christian Science Learner (JCSL) Scholarships

The JCSL Scholarship is offered to a select number of students who are new to the Lower School, who have shown a commitment to Christian Science through regular attendance at a Christian Science Sunday School, and who strive to apply Christian values in their daily lives and relationships.

The scholarship is valued at $8,500 for the 2023-24 academic year. 
Should there be a need, applications for additional financial support can be made through Tuition Assistance.


The award focuses on the following areas: the joyful and earnest study of Christian Science; and commitment to spiritual growth and healing.
Applicants must have demonstrated a love for and desire to learn more about Christian Science through regular attendance at a Christian Science Sunday School.
Students who are currently residing in the United States or Canada and are new to the Lower School for the current and upcoming academic year are eligible to apply. This includes students transitioning from Principia’s Preschool 4 program and students who might be considering returning to the Principia Lower School after being gone for an entire academic year.

Applicants must complete a visit prior to admission and meet admission requirements. Please be in touch with our Admission office to schedule one.

If interested in making a nomination, please contact Ginger Roth for more information.

Selection Process

Letters of nomination, including self-nomination, should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a Christian Science Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, or Christian Science Camp Director.

Additionally, an essay is required from a parent or guardian explaining why the Joyful Christian Science Learner Scholarship is a right fit for their child.

Renewal Criteria

This is a one-time, non-renewable scholarship.