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Principia School


“High-minded and hard-fighting.” The Principia athletics motto demonstrates that we strive for excellence beyond winning.

Athletics are an integral part of the Principia experience. Whether students decide to play a competitive varsity sport or enjoy athletics recreationally, our intention remains the same. Through sports and physical education, we focus on elevated thought and action while developing grit, character, sportsmanship, and leadership. 

Fielding more than 20 sports and interscholastic activities, our program provides a rich variety of athletic opportunities to all students. 

Fast Facts

  • 100% student participation in athletics

  • 100+ competitions at state championships with 30 wins 

  • 20+ sports offered

  • 32 interscholastic sports teams (16 Upper School and 16 Middle School)
  • 12 tennis courts

  • 8 athletic fields (football, soccer, baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, softball, and cricket)

  • 3 gymnasiums

  • 2022—the year the new Bill Simon Field House was completed

Watch live-streamed athletic events in the performance court here.

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See what athletics looks like at our school.

Simon Athletic Complex Is Open

Learn more about the amazing new Field House and athletic fields. 

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