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Upper School

Upper School Athletics

Upper School students are required to participate in athletics/PE for nine of 12 athletic seasons, choosing from 20+ sports offerings, among them 16 interscholastic sports teams. Varsity and junior varsity programs focus on teamwork, perseverance, and character, with vigorous training and regular practices. Both varsity and JV athletes have the opportunity to compete in the Metro League.

  • Concert Dance
  • Poms
  • Boys Basketball Varsity
  • Girls Basketball Varsity
  • Boys Basketball JV
  • Girls Basketball JV
  • Boys Basketball C
  • Girls Basketball C
  • Swimming Varsity
  • Concert Dance
  • Boys Baseball Varsity
  • Boys Baseball JV
  • Girls Soccer Varsity
  • Girls Soccer JV
  • Boys Tennis Varsity
  • Boys Tennis JV
  • Track & Field

Girls Lacrosse (co-op with Whitfield)

*We also offer Physical Education and Winter and Spring Conditioning Classes during the school year.