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Principia School

Middle School Boarding

Dorm Structure 

In the Principia Middle School dorms, we provide a nurturing environment with age-appropriate activities, while also cultivating the necessary skills to move to the next stage of life. Each dorm is home to eight to ten students and allows Middle Schoolers to develop close and meaningful relationships with one another. While the Upper School dorms are structured to provide a sense of autonomy and independence, the Middle School dorms function as a family unit to create a home away from home. We live close—eating meals, working, and doing most activities together. Students at this stage are learning what kind of responsibility it takes to gain the freedom they will have in the Upper School program. 

Our boarding program is reserved for students who are willing to grow in their individual practice of Christian Science, welcome thoughtful group discussions, and strive to apply these ideas to their daily lives and relationships. 

Typical School Day for Middle School Boarders

A typical school day includes Bible Lesson Study in the dorm living room, meals in the school’s dining room, school-day classes, sports or time outdoors, study hall, time with friends, and Wednesday evening church. Weekends are a time for relaxation, planned activities, time with friends, homework, and Sunday School.

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