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Principia School

Middle School Residential Leadership

Karin Heath

Middle School Residential Head

In the Middle School Dorm, Karin Heath (C’89) provides the perfect blend of playful and principled parenting, an art she developed during more than 20 years of co-directing Camp Bow-Isle, a camp for Christian Scientists in Canada. Karin enjoys working with the students as “we learn how to trust one another and to be responsible for our actions,” she explains. And while she and the boarders spend most of their time doing things together, she’s careful to maintain “a balance between [allowing] independence and being watchful.”

Karin and her husband, Jon (C’90), have three children—two of whom have graduated from the Upper School. Their youngest attends the Upper School.

Jon Heath

Middle School Residential Head

Jon Heath joins his wife Karin in the Middle School Dorm as a residential head. He brings decades of youth leadership experience and an awareness of how to nurture young people during the pivotal early teen years. With a "work hard, play harder" mentality that resonates with Middle Schoolers, Jon loves traveling with students around the St. Louis area and beyond, and loves playing board games and coaching Middle School sports.

We he gets some free time, look for Jon and Karin outside running, biking, boating, hiking, skiing, or engaging in a variety of charitable work.