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Principia School

Upper School Residential Leadership

Our dorm heads and residential counselors bring a wealth of experience to Principia—from leadership at Christian Science camps to mentoring youth. See what makes our Upper School Dorm leadership team exceptional mentors to our boarders.

Upper School Dorm Leadership

Fabienne Warrick, C.S.

Fabienne was born in Cameroun, Africa and raised in Montreal, Canada where she attended school. She graduated from Principia College in 1990. Her professional career began in the financial and marketing business fields working for Fortune 500 companies in New York City. Her growing love for God and an increasing desire to help people prompted her, in 2007, to leave the business world to serve as director of Camp Newfound in Maine. This step prepared her to launch into the full-time public practice of Christian Science.

Fabienne is a strong advocate for individual spiritual rights and focuses her practice on the power of God’s unconditional love as the only healing agent reaching those in need. She has witnessed first-hand the power of God’s love to heal the most difficult of human circumstances. She has devoted her life to serving others as the fulfilling of a promise she made God over 20 years ago.

A native French speaker, her ministry reaches individuals in over 20 countries. As a public speaker, she has addressed audiences of all ages around the United States, sharing a message that effective prayer and restorative healing is accessible to everyone. She has been invited to speak at inter-faith forums as a panellist and in addition has devoted over 15 years as a prison chaplain visiting groups of teens and adults seeking hope and spiritual transformation.

Fabienne and her husband Brad have five children who have all attended Principia from preschool to college, and the two are now new grandparents. Additionally, Fabienne and Brad are class leaders for the National Leadership Council, Class of 2026 and just finished their first summer trip with their class. Fabienne loves to travel, hike, mountain bike and spend time with their family.

Fabienne Warrick

Brad Warrick

Brad Warrick brings a depth of character education experience and love of Principia to his role as Director of Residential Life, Canfield House. Brad's love of Principia started in 7th grade when he began attending the School as a boarding student. He had an influential teacher who would read from Education at The Principia and share the unique aspects of Principia's whole-man character education.

Brad returned to Principia in 2005 to serve as the Athletic Director. Brad’s passion for character education opened the door to multiple roles including teaching in the Middle School and Upper School (subjects such as Biology, Bible, and Ethics), coaching football, and serving as a residential counselor in Canfield House, a crew leader, the Director of Experiential Education, and on the Executive Board.

Brad and Fabienne have five children who have all attended Principia, from Acorn to the College. They have always opened their home to Principia students and are looking forward to their new expanded home and family in the dorm. 

Brad Warrick

Hear what students like best about the boarding experience.

us dorm quote 1

“I love the brotherhood/sisterhood and sense of family and belonging”

us dorm quote 2

“The love everyone gives you, even when you are having a difficult time”

us dorm quote 3

“Meeting new people and creating lifelong friendships”

us dorm quote 4

“The independence and the chance to be a leader”

us dorm quote 5

“The life lessons I learn”

Your Principia experience in one word

  • Growth
  • Fantastic
  • Great
  • Brotherhood
  • Challenging
  • Amazing
  • Caring
  • Intense
  • Joy
  • Unique
  • Fulfilling
  • Loving